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Artificial Intelligence

for the manufacturing industry

We have been experts in transferring industry knowledge to IT since 1988. Years of working with industrial companies in the area of production control created a well-coordinated team of developers with a lot of experience.

It so happened that in 2019, we entered into a partnership with the Accella Group, based in Silicon Valley (USA). Ever since, we have been their main implementation partner for AI solutions in Austria and Germany.

“Kogler Software Solutions is no longer just on the threshold of a technological revolution, we were involved shaping it with our custom solutions.”

Manfred Kogler, CEO

Artificial Intelligence

Kogler Software Solutions has more than 30 years of experience in optimizing and digitizing production processes.

IT specialists

in digitization of the manufacturing industry

AI knowledge advantage

guaranteed by networking with Silicon Valley

AI hardware and software solutions


Seamless integration

into existing systems

AI Bot Quality Guard

Visually inspects the condition of components or other production materials.

The correctness of the assembly processes can be checked using image data. The Quality Guard operates in 3 error detection categories: “simple error detection” (IO / NIO), “extended error detection” (classification of errors) and “preventive error detection” (prevention of tool or product damage before the start of production).

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AI Bot Process Guard | Predictive Analytics

Predicts the likelihood of future results based on actual and historical data

This application can use data, algorithms and machine learning to predict the likelihood of future results based on actual and historical data. This enables you to increase output, optimize production processes and minimize waste.

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AI Bot Process Guard | Predictive Maintenance

The Process Guard’s Predictive Maintenance application optimizes maintenance intervals and detects error behavior when equipment interacts. As a result, maintenance costs can be reduced by optimized operating and service processes, unplanned downtimes of machines and systems can be minimized, and productivity can be increased sustainably.

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Our Team


Our software is as individual as your company.

You know where you want to go!
We’ll help you get there.


You have extensive know-how when it comes to your manufacturing processes. We have the necessary experience in the software area.


After the conceptual phase, it’s time to put your requirements into practice. Since the concept includes content-related, functional and technical specification, we guarantee rapid elaboration.


For us, the collaboration doesn’t end with commissioning the software. As your service provider, we are on hand with help and advice and are happy to help you.

Service levels

Recurring services between IT companies and customers are contractually regulated in service level agreements.

Accella AI Team


What's the point in doing a Proof of Concept?

With a Proof of Concept (PoC) you minimize your entrepreneurial risk. We’ll prove to you that our solutions will work for you too.

Why do I need reference pictures?

You need reference images to train the algorithm and teach the basic parameters it should look for.

Can I use my existing equipment?

This will be discussed on the first appointments on site. Generally, however, our solutions are designed in a way that, whenever possible, no conversions and no new purchases have to be made.
The use of AI should take place as cost-effectively as possible and to amortize quickly.

Can data collected during a PoC be used for the further course of the project?

This always depends on the complexity of your product range and the test setups required for this. We have to reassess this from customer to customer.


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